The Right Thing To Do?

Is there ever a time to NOT do the RIGHT thing?

I know that may sound like a stupid question, but it comes up often, in my life. Perhaps the concept that there is “no choice,” is new to me because I know I haven’t always made my decisions in life with that mantra.

I’m talking about the big stuff. The “I saw some girls teasing another girl at school, but I don’t want to get on their bad side” “I think he’s had too much to drink, but I don’t feel like having to drive him home and come back and get his car tomorrow. He’ll be fine” “That lady just yanked her toddler out of the stroller by the arm, but it’s not for me to say something”– kind of stuff. As a culture, we turn a blind eye. . .every single day.

We don’t care about one another enough to get out of our comfort zone and speak up. I have heard too many times, the sentiments of people who wished they’d done something to help someone…after it’s too late. Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s wisdom. Maybe it’s a spiritual awakening. Maybe it’s just the exhaustion of all of the coulda-woulda-shoulda.

One night before she went out to a party, I remember telling my friend’s teenage daughter that she and her friends need to look out for one another. As parents we can’t always be there. We can’t give you every single scenario that could go wrong. So you have to look out for one another, and be willing to pull each other’s coattails when someone is getting out of control.

Care enough to speak up. Care enough to get muddy with the people you love.

Before it’s too late.

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